Personal Training

Whether you are an athlete, and weight lifter, recovering from an injury or someone looking to take their training to the next level, the One More Rep Personal Training Program is for you.

We work with individuals on a one on one basis to create SMART Goals and support you every step of the way to achieve those goals.


The One More Rep Personal Training Philosophy

It is our responsibility as coaches to ensure each client not only has a good workout but that they learn VALUABLE skills about exercise & nutrition. We educate and inspire so you can follow through with your goals both in & out of your personal training sessions.

Our Clients have their entire training & nutrition handled by our team to ensure that clients can chase their goals 24/7

How we create, measure and achieve your goals:

exercise programs

Tailored for you and your goals. These exercises can be followed in your personal training sessions with our coaches, as well as in your own environment in your own time.

We Teachas well as Coach

Our belief is that anyone can push you until you are fatigued but it takes a passionate & knowledgeable coach to teach you the ins and out of exercise & good nutrition. Our clients will often adhere to exercise for longer periods of time because they UNDERSTAND why they are performing movements & therefore see more value in their training sessions.

We workaround your injuries

Injuries can be tricky, but our coaches work alongside allied health professionals such as physio’s, chiro’s & exercise physiologists to put together holistic training programs. These programs address, manage & avoid injuries while simultaneously achieving your own training goals.

We are educatedbeyond the gym

Our coaches hold degrees in Exercise & Sport Science, meaning they understand at a deeper level how the human body moves, how anatomy is structured & what exercises have been shown to help manage conditions.

If you want to perform exercise the right way, avoid injury, improve your lifting performance the coaches at One More Rep are the people to call!

Focus & Emphasison technique

Our coaches have been coaching elite athletes & every day people full time for 4 years while also competing at a national level. What does this mean for you?
This means we have hands on experience and knowledge of the do’s & don’ts across multiple disciplines. Which will protect you from injury, and see you reach the goals you are striving for.

We measureyour progress regularly

Easy, objective measures of your performance that are appropriate to your goals.

If you want to increase strength we will do regularly testing via AMRAP’s, 3RM’s or 1RM’s to ensure you can see progress being made.

The same for aerobic & anaerobic tests such as the beep test or Wingate.

For body composition, we DITCH the scales & check your progress through more appropriate measures such as skin folds or DEXA scans.

If you want to know that your hard work & investment in your health is being achieved, then as a client of One More Rep you will have a list of tests that will not only motivate you through your program but accurately measure your results!


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