Our Training Classes

HIIT and Conditioning

These are both fast paced cardio classes aimed to get you sweating and your heart rate up. They are what most people would think of as HIIT or hard Cardio classes. HIIT is structured with shorter work times and longer rest periods to keep your intensity as high as possible. Because everyone’s intensity is relative, this class is perfect for everyone regardless of training experience or fitness levels.


Conditioning shifts more in the opposite direction with longer work periods and shorted rest time. This is where we step it up a notch and really start to push your limits more, so if you’re confident with your training and really want to push yourself, this is the class for you.


Women’s Strength

Our women’s strength classes are your more traditional style of training aimed to perfect your technique and increase your strength across all areas of lifting. These sessions are at a slower pace than our others, but that’s not to say they are easy. These classes are perfect for complete beginners wanting to make sure they are training safely and correctly, all the way up to experienced trainers wanting to take their lifting to the next level.


These classes are split into 3 sessions, with each session focusing on different components. Our first of the week is our lower body, our second is upper body and our last is a full body session to round out the week. At the end of each of these sessions we perform a 15-30 minute conditioning style session to get the heart rate up and make sure we don’t neglect our cardio.

Strength and Conditioning

These classes are designed in the same style we train our athletes and aim to target every component of your fitness including, strength, power, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. Each session during the week will focus on improving specific aspects of your fitness, ensuring that each and every week we cover all our bases as efficiently as possible, making you a solid well rounded athlete or just a fitter and strong individual for your day to day life.


If you want to get the best performance from your body, while simultaneously improving your body composition then these classes are just for you.

Total Body

This is our flagship class which encompasses all aspects of fitness. It’s a solid mix of both strength training and cardiovascular conditioning, that will encourage you to move some heavier weights but will also get the heart racing  throughout the entire session to maximise your time spent in the gym.

If you want to perform exercise the right way, avoid injury, improve your lifting performance the coaches at One More Rep are the people to call!